MySwap is the home profile for every participant, where they set up their profile and interests, display their NFTs and make proposals to buy, sell or swap.

MySwap will be available on mobile devices as well as through a browser, to bring the excitement of NFTs to the devices that people use the most. Based on their profiles and history, users can use the Discover tool to find others with similar interests.

Users can follow creators or traders, and if people are mutually following one another, they can also like, comment and react to the NFTs created or held by their co-follower.

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For every swap you make on SwapNFT you get a chance to enter the exciting weekly Swap raffle

Join in for the chance to win a rare NFT and the pot of $SOCIAL tokens!

SwapNFT includes a weekly raffle which includes a pot of $SOCIAL tokens and one chosen rare NFT per week. Every time someone makes a swap on the platform, the user gets one entry ticket into the raffle, and one $SOCIAL is placed in the pot from the rewards pool. Every week one winner is drawn at random and the winner receives the rare NFT of the week, plus the pot of SNFT tokens. If participants want to increase their chances of winning, they can purchase Swap lottery tickets for one $SOCIAL token.

Got interested? Then check our website by the link below:

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SwapNFT is a platform for all! We make NFT swaps fun, safe and secure with our escrow smart contract system. Users can make swaps via our discovery page whereby users can swipe NFTs based on their interests. The tinder-style swipe and match feature, engages a user into a swap when two people have matched.

There are so many different cool ways to make swaps on our social NFT platform.

What are they? See below:)

• Direct message or personal contact.
• SwapAuction house.
• Discovery and auto-matching.

The MySwap app includes a fiat gateway so that people can use credit cards or apple/google pay for easy and a convenient payment solution. The app facilitates trades that include NFTs, $SOCIAL tokens, ERC20 tokens and Ethereum.

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One of our main aims was to create a personalized platform so that everyone could see the NFTs they are interested in.

That is why our users create their profiles, avatars, and areas of interest when they log onto the platform. SwapNFT isn’t designed just for transactional relationships — users are entering a world of discovery and interaction.

Every participant has a personalized Discover feed that allows them to find NFTs and people that are most relevant to their interests. The social aspects make the marketplace vibrant and alive — a place where people will want to hang out.

Do you think it’s better to have a personalized feed or not? Write your opinion in the comments on our socials:

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