SwapNFT (How It Works)

2 min readMay 3, 2021



SwapNFT is the first social media platform of its kind, bringing NFTs to the everyday consumer through our intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly marketplace. We’re your one-stop shop, allowing you to create, display, and trade your NFTs all in one place.

The key features:

  • Create your MySwap — your personal profile where you can define your interests, pick and customise your avatar with accessories purchased from our avatar marketplace, and display your NFTs.
  • Discover new NFTs using our personalised Discover page — our Tinder-style swipe and match feature, Swipe Swap, will recommend NFTs based on your interests.
  • Engage with other users and their content — follow their accounts and like, comment, and bid on their NFTs.
  • Buy and sell NFTs in our Swap Store — our dedicated marketplace listing all NFTs for sale on SwapNFT.
  • Boost your NFTs — increase the impressions they receive in the SwapNFT marketplace and reach more buyers.
  • Take advantage of our dedicated $SOCIAL utility token — this eliminates transaction fees on the platform and allows you to stake your tokens for rewards.
  • Carry out transactions in our native $SOCIAL, USD, stablecoins, and fiat payments — pay in cryptocurrencies from your crypto wallet or use our fiat gateway to pay with a credit card or by Apple/Google pay.
  • Safely trade using our secure escrow system — users can deposit their NFTs in escrow until the swap offer is accepted or rejected, at which point they are released to their respective owners.
  • Enjoy the security of our Swap Auction House — our escrow service keeps the two highest bidders’ tokens locked until the transaction is validated.
  • Experiment with our Swap Auction — auction your NFT and receive a surprise swap of one or multiple NFTs with the highest market value from bidders.
  • Mint and migrate your own NFTs directly to the SwapNFT platform.
  • Play our Swap Lottery — get an $SOCIAL lottery ticket with every swap or purchase tickets directly and you could be one of our weekly winners, receiving a pot of SNFT tokens and a rare NFT.
  • SNFT token governance — $SOCIAL token holders enjoy voting rights on major platform decisions and can suggest new platform features to the team.

Our iOS and Android apps are in development, to be released in Q4 2021. With the value of NFTs skyrocketing, SwapNFT is about to become the go-to platform for trading and purchasing NFTs like never before.