Swap your NFTs in an innovative way!

When creating the concept of our swapping system we saw one problem, all the NFTs are unique items. It means that most of the time exchanges will not be one-to-one. They might include different ways of swapping such as NFT plus additional payment. Or some other types of swaps!

So we decided to make sure we have at least a few different options so that every swap is different and unique in its own way! here are some examples:

✅ One-to-one: simple as a rock. You give one NFT and get one NFT back.

✅ One-to-many NFT: You can trade your one item for two or many NFT items.

✅ One-to-one plus fund: Sometimes one NFT is cheaper than another one. In this case, you can add some extra payment using ETH, $SOCIAL, or any supported ERC20 token.

✅ Multiple-payment type: A trader can use multiple ERC20 tokens as payment.

✅ Multi-to-multi: A trade where both sides use multiple NFTs in the trade.

We believe that these options will make swapping fun and convenient for everyone. What do you think?

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